Campaign Priorities

Advancing Students


Education for Service and Other Student Scholarship Funds

Education for Service is NEOMED’s innovative program where in exchange for scholarship support, students agree to return to the area and work with underserved populations. This provides great value for the students – reducing their debt burden – as well as the communities and institutions concerned about their future primary care workforce. In fact, there is a growing need for all types of scholarships, including ones focused on financial need, academic success and enhancing diversity on campus.

Center for Student Success

Today’s students are faced with an increasingly sophisticated and demanding training program. While NEOMED maintains extremely high retention, graduation and placement rates, our students must balance intensive and often stressful demands on their lives. The Center for Student Success concept will maximize the quality of learning and living for our students, promoting a healthy lifestyle that should continue well past their time at NEOMED.

Components of the Center could include enhanced use of technology to improve academic performance and the overall student experience; mentoring and/or life coaching; enhanced physical education and wellness activities; improved access to resources, including through modernization of NEOMED’s existing library; increased professional development for faculty and staff working closely with a changing student community; and heightened support of students starting at the baccalaureate level so they are better prepared for the rigors of medical education.

Diversity Strategic Plan

In March 2015, NEOMED’s Board of Trustees endorsed the continued development of the University’s first comprehensive diversity strategic plan. The plan will not only help create a student population and workforce of future health care professionals who reflect the composition of the community, but will deepen a sense of community that is equitable and inclusive. The plan contains four strategic and programmatic overarching goals: recruitment, retention and development of campus culture and climate; curriculum and pedagogy; and community outreach, engagement and supplier diversity.

In addition, in February 2015 NEOMED dedicated the Inclusivity Center, designed to allow for various diversity and inclusion activities, as well as diversity-related resources. The Inclusivity Center allows for all students, faculty and staff who partake in its offerings to feel connected, engaged and valued. Donor support will further expand the events, activities and strategies that flow from the plan and the Inclusivity Center.

Interprofessional Education

There is a growing emphasis on interprofessional education of students in the health sciences. NEOMED has been a long-standing leader in this area, with 40% of year one and year two medicine and pharmacy curricula being taught jointly to students from the two programs. Donor support will allow NEOMED to take this to the next level, including more health professions in opportunities to learn together and practice interprofessional education in the field. A specific focus will be developing an interprofessional training program based at Cleveland State University’s new 100,000-square-feet Center for Innovation in Medical Professions, which will bring together the NEOMED-CSU Partnership for Urban Health with a range of other training programs in the health professions. Consideration is also being given to expanding NEOMED’s Wasson Center for Clinical Skills Training, Assessment and Scholarship – one of the first and most successful interprofessional training centers in the country.

Capital Projects

Capital projects that are transforming the student experience, including the NEOMED Education and
Wellness (NEW) Center, the Research and Graduate Education Building, The Village at NEOMED and updated learning spaces. Thanks to these new facilities, now students can not only learn at NEOMED, but can live, work out, study, play and be part of a vibrant campus community.