Campaign Priorities

Advancing Innovation & Research


Healthy Aging Research Collaborative (HARC)

The Healthy Aging Research Collaborative (HARC) will serve as a multidisciplinary hub for vital research into many of the medical conditions that impact our aging population. HARC will harness NEOMED’s existing research strengths in five core areas including auditory neuroscience, community-based mental health, metabolic and cardiovascular disease, musculoskeletal biology and neurodegenerative diseases of aging, to create new knowledge and translate findings into solutions that promote an active lifestyle and continued wellness.

Donor support for HARC will help to endow chairs and professorships that will attract and retain top faculty talent at NEOMED, outfit research laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment, and provide for other capital needs necessary for facilitating critical research that will improve the quality of life for aging adults in Northeast Ohio and beyond. In addition, HARC will partner with NEOMED’s various wellness initiatives to provide the community with information on maintaining and improving a healthy lifestyle.

SO_redizoneREDIzone® is NEOMED’s Research, Entrepreneurship, Discovery and Innovation Zone that fosters innovation and technology commercialization through public-private partnerships at the university. Additional support would enable NEOMED faculty and students to become more involved in REDIzone® research and development opportunities.